Samizdat Downtempotrodden

by Wayward Sun

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Samizdat 00:58
Can't have no conversation we are being followed. Come into the kitchen, gotta run that water.
One step, two step, starting on a play for your mind but can't give the game away. Look into the mirror, look around the corner, everything is clear now, everything in focus. Every fucking detail memorized with passion. You're never gonna feel this, never gonna find out. You lost the scent when I chose the change to only talk to you through a cutout. I'll get you in time. The look upon your face shows I'm nothing but a shadow in your mind. The shuffle of your pace shows you'll never catch the signal bide my time. There's no turning back. I'm not gonna stop til you make a mistake. And you're making mistakes. We are seeing things that we cannot unsee. We only just the breeze we're just the rustling. We are the something's there that we can never see.
Kompromat 04:17
You did what you did and we've done what we've done when we saw what you did and there's nowhere you can hide. You feel what you feel and we know what you feel cuz you choose to reveal to whomever you can confide. You reap what you sow and you sow what you know but it's not what you know it is how it affects your pride. Now you know what you need with a heart full of steam and a head full of heros all in for the cause and the bridges you burn while ignoring the flaws we will get you to turn. And that's when you learn that we got what we need but we're not what we seem now there's blood on your hands and there's mud on your knees. Well you want what you want and you got what you got and you got what you want but it's not what you thought.
No matter how it feels when you break it down you need the heart the steal everything you found. No matter how you feel when you're breaking down you need a heart of steel. Just look around. Tired tattered tossed around and used just like a ragdoll. They fill your eyes with purpose toward everything you ever wanted. They'll look you square in the eye and tell you everything is how it should be. Don't matter what they say as long as it feels so good. They see you as a tool for their purpose, another means to their end. They're so attuned to the threads of just how you care. When you lay out all the pieces of every little shred divulged a clear patterned laid forth right in front of you: They're all lies.
Cybersomatik 06:17
And I see you. And I spun the web. One by one the dominoes fall exactly where I placed the pawns. The lies I've spun give rise to riots and now I own the whole of you. Now I can find all the excuses I need to satisfy my greed. And I see you.


released July 11, 2018

Written, performed, and recorded by Scott Mitting. Mastered by R. Galbraith. Artwork by Peter Clarke. Special thanks to Jim Ballard. Released by Bottle Imp Productions. In association with TVLiFE Entertainment.


all rights reserved



Wayward Sun Phoenix, Arizona

experimental texture and rhythm electronic music by s.mitting

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